ASVA 2022 end of year Visitor Monitor Report is published

The ASVA Visitor Attractions Monitor 2022 End of Year Report, and additional annex, are both now available. These documents provide members with details of visitor figures for 2022, compared to both 2021 and 2019, as well as a wealth of additional data and insights for the year including:

  • Visitor profile information
  • Adult and child visitation
  • Average spend
  • Web & social media activity
  • Key priorities for the industry
  • Challenges faced within the sector

The reports show that, despite the fact that the shadow of covid-19 was still present in 2022, and other external events beyond the sector’s control, most notably the cost-of-living crisis, presented considerable challenges, it was a year when many attractions saw visitor numbers gradually creep up towards pre-pandemic levels. Visitor numbers to ASVA attractions improved by over 88% when compared to 2021. Admittedly 2021 visitor figures are a relatively low bar from a comparison standpoint, but it is never-the-less pleasing to see this improvement. However, it is only by comparing the 2022 visitor figures with those of 2019, the last year without any kind of pandemic disruptions, that we get a full and accurate picture of to what extent 2022 was indeed a year of recovery. Overall visitor numbers to ASVA attractions in 2022 were just over 23% down on those reported in 2019.

It is also worth noting that, whilst visitor numbers remained lower than what we have experienced pre-pandemic for the majority of attractions, and despite the cost-of-living crisis, those who did cross our doors, were looking to spend money. Average visitor spend on retail in 2022 was an impressive £2.90 per visit, as opposed to £2.27 in 2021 and 1.96 in 2019, and the average spend in catering was £2.82, up from £2.23 in 2021 and a far more modest £1.40 in 2019. Of course, inflationary pressures and increasing prices will have played a role in this, however the trend we saw emerging in 2020 and 2021, where improved visitor experience, with visitors enjoying more time and space and more interactions with staff working at our venues, was leading to higher spend per visit, has continued in 2022.

Both the end of year report and the annex can be viewed in the Statistics, Surveys & Research section of the Members Area of the ASVA website (please note: scroll to the bottom of the page to find the reports).