ASVA Members can now Benefit from Free Advice on any Insurance Matters 

Who is truly confident they understand their insurance policy? With the changing insurance market – be it reduced insurer capacity, increasing premium rates, growing restrictions or ever more onerous terms and conditions – it is vital to understand what cover you are purchasing and what it is that the insurer may be asking you to do, or comply with, in order for the insurance to be in effect.  So, who can you turn to for advice and support? 

As an additional benefit to our members, the executive team at ASVA have engaged with Circle Insurance Services to provide a free, confidential Helpline service. This exclusive offering can assist you with any insurance or risk management issue, no matter how simple or complex. 

Circle Insurance Services are an independent, Chartered firm of insurance professionals. Their Circle Heritage and Circle Visitor Attractions division, specialise in providing insurance advice, bespoke insurance coverage and claims management to organisations tasked with preserving our history and heritage. 

Circle Insurance Services have been a member of ASVA since 2013 and in that time, they have worked closely with the executive committee. Circle’s experience and insight from working with attractions large and small across the UK has been beneficial to the ASVA executive committee and members alike.  

Impartial and independent advice can be obtained over the phone or by email. Upon contacting the Helpline, your enquiry will be supported by an experienced insurance professional at Circle, who shall help to guide you. 

Please call 01260 292861 or email