ASVA/Moffat Centre Survey Results into Re-Opening Actions at Scottish Visitor Attractions

Last month, ASVA and the Moffat Centre asked all Scottish attractions to complete a survey to help us ascertain the industry’s preparedness for re-opening, the factors that need to be considered which will influence decision making about re-opening, the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on your business and further support measures required.
In total, more than 200 attractions responded to the request, providing us with a comprehensive overview from the sector. The results of the survey have now been collated by the Moffat Centre and can be viewed in this report.
Please note, the key data from the survey was shared with the Scottish Government in advance, to afford them opportunity to review prior to the First Minister’s announcement on Tuesday.
Key highlights include:

  • Ongoing travel restrictions would greatly inhibit the sector from being able to viably reopen. For example, if the country moved into Level 3 conditions which limited travel to local authority areas only, 30% of attractions would remain closed, with a further 49.5% only opening on a restricted basis (e.g. reduced hours/weekends only).
  • The continuation of 2 metre physical distancing will have economic consequences for the majority of the attractions sector. Only 15% of attractions stated that reopening at 2 metre distancing would have no impact on their ability to operate at an economically sustainable level. It is therefore important to note that, for as long as physical distancing restrictions are in place, it is highly likely that our sector is going to need financial assistance to survive. 
  • The lack of international visitors in 2021 is going to have a considerable economic impact on our sector. Almost 20% of attractions are anticipating a drop in turnover of more than 50% (when compared to 2019). Again this highlights the vulnerable position that many our sector is likely to be in this year and the need for further financial support.
  • Just under 60% of attraction operators believe that an introduction of a government-led incentivisation scheme similar to ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ designed specifically to stimulate the domestic audience to visit attractions would be beneficial for the industry.  
  • Just over 50% of attractions believe their business is secure in the short term (next 1-3 months). However, this number drops to just over a third when looking at the long-term security of their business (beyond 12 months).
  • In terms of key measures to aid economic sustainability at attractions, respondents stated that the Scottish/UK Government’s top three priorities should be providing new/additional grant support to the industry, reducing 2m physical distancing restrictions and supporting increased national marketing activity/spend aimed at the domestic audience.