ASVA publishes survey results on Scottish Attractions prospects and intentions for 2023

As members will be aware, over a two-week period from 24th February to 7th March 2023, ASVA undertook a nationwide survey of Scottish attractions to establish confidence levels within the sector regarding prospects for the year ahead, as well as to gather intel on current challenges, investment priorities, cost pressures, staff pay & benefits and actions that the sector would like to see taken to further aid economic sustainability.

Responses to the survey were received from 117 organisations, representing more than 200 individual attractions, providing ASVA with robust and reliable data from which to ascertain how the sector is feeling about the season ahead, the actions being taken within the industry to combat current challenges and the measures that would be most welcomed from both the Scottish & UK Governments to support recovery after three difficult years for the majority of operators.

A summary report of the results has been drafted by ASVA providing intel on:

  • The opening status of the sector come Easter 2023
  • Visitor numbers and turnover forecasts
  • Levels of financial reserves being held in the sector
  • Sector optimism about the year ahead
  • Investment levels and priorities
  • Recruitment challenges
  • Pay & benefits
  • Cost pressures and actions taken within the sector to mitigate increasing costs
  • Pricing policies
  • Barriers to success
  • And measures to boost economic sustainability

The survey results point to a sector that is slowly regaining confidence and recovering from a very challenging last few years, with 57% of operators optimistic about their business prospects for 2023, versus 21% who are feeling pessimistic. However whilst the majority are on the path to recovery, it is very clear that increasing cost pressures remain a significant barrier to success, with almost 40% of respondents reporting that they are scaling back, cancelling or postponing capital works this year in light of cost pressures and a not unsubstantial 15% reporting that they will not be fully open come the beginning of Easter due to staffing challenges and/or financial constraints. The results provide a very clear ask to both the Scottish and UK Governments to take more substantive action to reduce the ever-increasing costs of doing business to support the sector’s recovery in 2023.

The summary report can be viewed by clicking here.