ASVA Visitor Attractions Barometer – December 2020

The latest ASVA Visitor Attractions Barometer report for November 2020 is available to view in the Members Area of this website, in the Statistics, Surveys and Research section.

Overall visitor numbers are down by 77.8% for the month when compared to December 2019 and the sector is down 72.8% for the full year (Jan-Dec). With the continued tightening of restrictions through the Scottish Government’s Strategic Framework and ‘levels’ system, most attractions were heavily impacted by travel restrictions and indeed many did not open at all in the month of December (thus so many attractions reporting figures of ‘down 100%’ in the report). Unsurprisingly, for those that did remain open, outdoor sites generally performed  better than most other types of attractions, as they were less impacted by restrictions, e.g. Outdoor/Nature attractions were down 26.1% and Gardens were 45.3% down, which is comparatively good performance when placed alongside Museums & Galleries (down 91.8%) and Castles/Forts (down 92.9%).

Figures for January 2021 will be collated soon and the Barometer report will be made available to ASVA members in early March.  A full report for the 2020 year will also be forthcoming later next month.

We would encourage all ASVA members to participate in the monthly data collection exercise to ensure that we build up as complete a picture as possible of industry performance. If you so wish, you can submit your data for the report and request that your numbers remain confidential.

To ensure that your attraction is included in both the monthly and annual reports, please contact Hugh Sheridan at the Moffat Centre – or 0141 273 1611