Businesses are urged to continue to comply with COVID mitigation measures

Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy Kate Forbes has urged all sectors of Scotland’s economy to remain focused on current COVID guidance. Referring to the current high rates of infection throughout the country, Ms Forbes stressed the importance of businesses continuing to adhere to ‘baseline measures and good practice’ as part of the collective national efforts to supress coronavirus.

In her statement on Friday 27 August, she said: “Businesses have shown great leadership throughout the pandemic in encouraging adherence with mitigations and we would ask that this continues at this fragile time. I would urge customers to follow the guidance too to support the businesses they use.”

Ms Forbes encouraged anyone who has not yet been vaccinated to do so, and counselled businesses to continue to communicate and work with their employees to ensure safety measures are maintained. The essential baseline protocols we must all continue to implement to help reduce the risk of outbreaks and allow all sectors to stay open are:

  • wear face coverings (legally required in most indoor public places, including indoor attractions, workplaces and on public transport)
  • support staff to self-isolate if they are asked to do so by the NHS
  • regular testing of staff to help break the chains of transmission
  • continue to work with staff to support home working where viable
  • keep workplaces as well ventilated as possible.

The Scottish Government’s tourism and hospitality industries’ good practice guide (with which ASVA members should of course, be already very familiar) can be accessed here.

In addition to her cautionary words highlighting the vital importance, whilst cases rise, of continued vigilance and compliance – to minimise the risk of restrictions being reintroduced – Ms Forbes applauded businesses for the considerable changes and sacrifices they have made throughout the pandemic to protect public health. She said: “I’m incredibly grateful to the business community and would like to thank everyone who has spent time and effort to make their businesses as safe as possible for customers and staff.”

The full statement made by Ms Forbes is available here.