Changes to funding criteria for museums

Some members will want to be aware of the important update regarding funding distribution for museums in Scotland. Museum Galleries Scotland (MGS) has recently announced a significant change in its funding policy, focusing on the implementation of the real Living Wage as a key criterion for grant eligibility.

Effective from July 1st, two elements of the Fair Work First policy, developed by the Scottish Government, will now serve as criteria for awarding grants, funding, and contracts within the public sector. These are:

  • All workers within an organisation must receive at least real Living Wage. This applies to everyone, not only those posts for which you may be seeking grant funding.
  • All workers are to be provided with appropriate channels for effective voice.

Applicants will also need to demonstrate their awareness of, and commitment to, Fair Work principles by including a supporting statement on their website. Applicants to MGS funding will need to show how they comply with these requirements before being able to access a grant and will need to complete its Employer Declaration form.

For comprehensive guidance on these changes and the updated funding process, please click here.