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5 top tips for making your online experience 5 star


Broadcast On 14/04/2021

Now that we have indicative dates for re-opening, many attraction operators are fast gearing up to warmly welcome visitors once again. One of the crucial stages of the visitor journey is, however, often one of the most overlooked, that is the pre-arrival, online experience. ASVA’s latest research shows that visitors are now expecting to be able to book online, with Scottish attractions that offer this service, seeing between 75% and 100% of visits booked this way, rather than being purchased on site. It is therefore crucial that you get this part of the experience right and provide a seamless, high quality ‘5 Star’ pre-arrival experience for your visitors. To help you with this, ASVA has teamed up with Kelly Molson, founder of Rubber Cheese and host of the hugely popular attractions podcast ‘Skip the Queue’, and tourism, ticketing & technology guru Carly Straughan of QLINE Consulting to present a brand new webinar. Kelly and Carly have been charged with providing you with the definitive ‘5 top tips’ that you need to know to make your online visitor journey a 5 Star experience for prospective visitors. Over the course of the webinar, Kelly and Carly will share actionable insights into what makes for a 5 star online experience, providing you with all the tools you need to be able to make the most of your online assets and ensure that you are converting browsers into visitors. COVID-19 has changed so much of what we do and how we do it, and there is no doubt that the vast majority of consumers are now expecting to book any visitor attraction experiences online. It is therefore essential that your online experience reflects the great experiences that you offer onsite.