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Adding Value and Leveraging Commerciality within Seasonal Events

Run By ASVA/Complete Works

Broadcast On 27/02/2024

Delivered in partnership with Complete Works, this Industry Insights webinar explored how to maximise the opportunities presented by seasonal events. Events can be great fun; they are marketing gold and a chance to motivate your teams with something different, engage a new audience or tell a new story. But, before printing out another colouring-in sheet – this webinar encouraged members to take a moment to check if your plans are going to hit the targets you’ve set, make you a return on the time and effort you expend and be the best fit for the kind of experience you are passionate about delivering.

This event delivered some tips on event creation before the Easter season. It also offered the opportunity to network with other members to see what is happening elsewhere in the industry and was designed to inspire members to go bigger and create something with real impact for guests that met organisational goals.

Key learnings from the event were :

How to add value to your guest experience seasonally, to drive repeat visits and audience advocacy
How to make sure you are creating something that is uniquely you
How to evaluate success and learn from it to improve

Complete Works has been driving revenue at visitor attractions through secondary spend (donations, memberships, F&B and retail) and ticket sales for more than 10 years. They  also run theatrical seasonal events in large corporate settings and visitor attractions.  This is a quick deep dive into their experience and how they get the results that matter.

About Complete Works: The Complete Works team; Bala McAlinn, George McLean and Alyce Paton, are actors and attraction managers – running amazing seasonal experiences across the UK whilst delivering formidable return on investment on commercial projects.

Experts in delighted people, they use their talents to tell brand stories and generate revenue for the attractions they work with through providing staff, training teams and creating experiences. They’ve worked extensively and very successfully with attractions throughout the UK.