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An Analysis of Quality of Experience and COVID Safety Measures at Scottish Visitor Attractions


Broadcast On 04/08/2021

Over the last couple of months, ASVA has partnered with research consultancy BVA BDRC to conduct mystery visits across 20 of Scotland’s visitor attractions, with the express aim of assessing quality of experience and the delivery of COVID safety measures in the new landscape that attractions are now operating in. During this time, trained auditors have assessed a carefully chosen and diverse range of attractions on the full visitor journey. At this webinar, Jon Young and Diana Meterna, Director and Senior Research Executive from BVA BDRC presented the headline findings from this exercise.

The presentation will illustrate how well Scottish attractions are currently performing on:

  • Pre-booking: Ease of booking, website navigation and information provided
  • Staff engagement: At key transitional points and during the visit
  • Visitor experience: Interpretation, navigation and guided tours
  • COVID safety: How it is communicated (before and after the visit) and policed, how well it is adhered to, and the impact on the visit.
  • Toilets: Cleanliness and presentation
  • Retail and catering: Quality, range and price of products

In addition to overall headlines, the presentation aimed to inspire members with best practice from selected venues. This included brilliant examples of everything from ‘tidy toilets’ to ‘creative COVID communications’.