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Why on-site translation for visitor experiences is good business

Run By ASVA/Great Visitor Experiences

Broadcast On 05/09/2023

In today’s globalised world, the importance of multilingual content for visitor experiences cannot be overstated. With an increasing number of tourists coming from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, providing information in multiple languages has become a necessity. Translation services enhances the visitor experience by breaking down language barriers and creating a welcoming environment. It allows tourists to access crucial information, understand exhibits, and engage with the local culture on a deeper level. Moreover, it demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and shows respect for diverse visitors. By offering multiple languages, experience providers can attract a broader range of visitors, foster cultural exchange, and ultimately enhance their reputation as inclusive and visitor-friendly destinations.

This event was led by Ivan Tuohy, founder and CEO of ASVA member Great Visitor Experiences. Ivan shared insights enabling those attending to gain a greater understanding of the importance of onsite translation, and the opportunities it offers to grow revenue and support your marketing efforts. He provided details on the type of content that can be easily translated as well as how visitor experiences can most effectively deliver a multilingual experience.

Key Learnings from this webinar are:

• Understand how you can expand your reach to international visitors & new markets

• Enable your customers to better understand exhibits, displays & key information

• Opportunities for additional revenue streams through merchandise and services

• Establishing a reputation for being visitor-friendly and accommodating

• Adaptation to Digital Age & Embracing technology to enhance the visitor experience

About Great Visitor Experiences – Great Visitor Experiences offer an award-winning Interpretive Visitor App solution to Visitor Attractions, Museums, Heritage Sites & many other visitor focused locations. Through their innovative app technology, they enable visitor focused sites to tell the stories beyond what a visitor can see, digitalising key visitor touchpoints, communicating & connecting directly with onsite visitors in their native language. They also provide advanced push notification software that can introduce digital upselling of secondary & tertiary revenue resources at these sites.