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Boost your online sales and succeed in 2022 with dynamic pricing

Run By ASVA/ Smeetz

Broadcast On 07/12/2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted significantly on attractions in many ways, in particular seeing an increase in the number of attractions now offering online booking. Also impacting on attractions is the shift from ‘volume to value’, continuing the trend which has seen visitors respond positively to a less busy, more personal visitor experience. All of these changes have contributed to accelerate change in the ticketing industry, to help adapt the customer journey to this ‘new normal’. New times call for new strategies, new collaborations, and new technologies to better manage capacity utilisation and maximise revenue.

This webinar, delivered in partnership with ASVA trade member, Smeetz, aimed to guide members through different ways they could boost online sales and optimise capacity by sharing insights and showcasing relevant examples.

Key topics
● What are the key benefits of online ticketing
● Dynamic pricing for the leisure industry debunked
● How to maximise attendance and increase revenue thanks to dynamic pricing
● How to generate recurring revenue in the leisure industry
● How to increase your customer basket value with dynamic packages

● Why now is key to investing in online ticketing.
● Get started on the path to capacity and revenue optimisation.
● Why static pricing may be leading to a loss of visitors and money?
● The advantages of cross selling and enhancing your customer experience.