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Health and Wellbeing


Broadcast On 08/05/2020

This webinar set out to explore health and wellbeing within the context of the Coronavirus situation and explored the potential impact this has on our health and wellbeing and offer some information to support yourself, your staff and volunteers during this challenging time. This webinar was be led by Celia Sweeney, Equalities Manager HES.

Celia is an Equality Specialist who has worked in both the public and private sectors. Her experienced has been gained in operational and strategic settings. In the course of her career she has also worked in HR environments where her knowledge and understanding of policy and health and wellbeing has been gained and in this capacity Celia has managed occupational health contracts and developed health and wellbeing services in order to address workplace absence and in particular initiatives focussing on mental health and mental health awareness.

First Broadcast on 8.5.20