ASVA Members Area

How to Improve Retention Rates, Safety, and Customer Satisfaction with Staff Training

Run By ASVA/ Tayl

Broadcast On 22/11/2022

A recent survey carried out by ASVA indicated that over 70% of our members are investing at or above pre-pandemic levels in staff development and training. However, it can sometimes be difficult to measure the success of this, and identify whether investment is being made in the most effective way.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How training has changed and what it might look like in the future
  • Why and what compliance training is and how to keep a track of it
  • How to make sure your brand is a part of training from onboarding to continuous development
  • What steps you can take to engage and motivate your team when it comes to training
  • What a Learning Management System (LMS) is and why it might be appropriate for your business
  • Useful tools that can help improve your attraction’s training procedures

The webinar was hosted by Blair Lundie and David Scott from Tayl. Blair is the Engagement Manager at Tayl and has experience training customers how to use SAAS systems in the construction industry. David is the Marketing Director of Tayl and helped build the system and previously worked as the Brand Manager and Content Manager at Rabbie’s Tours.

About Tayl: Tayl equips attractions, tour operators and hospitality businesses with the tools they need to deliver exceptional inhouse training. They offer 70+ free course templates on subjects such as GDPR and Fire Safety; a simple to use course builder; and the ability to see who has done which course when. From onboarding new team members to ensuring everyone is up to date with compliance and tracking, Tayl is all-in-one affordable training toolkit.