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New markets, new opportunities: the return of international travellers

Run By ASVA/ ForwardKeys

Broadcast On 19/07/2022

For any modern visitor attraction, it’s crucial to understand your visitor mix to optimise your planning and to maximise revenue. While visitor trends used to be stable, which made forecasting almost an easy job, Covid wiped them out. This market ambiguity makes it difficult to make informed decisions on what travel audiences to focus on, what services to offer, where to run your marketing campaigns, when activations and discounts are needed and how many staff members (with the right language skills) are needed.

As the industry reference for global travel trends and insights, ForwardKeys has supported many businesses in the travel industry by providing future travel information over the last 12 years. As the demand for good data grows, a process that has been accelerated by the covid-19 pandemic, the ability for travel-related businesses to make informed decisions based on live, reliable data becomes increasingly important.  Knowing one’s audience is fundamental to the success of any visitor attraction, but lacking consistent trends to draw on, many attractions have been unable to target potential visitors accurately.

This webinar helped ASVA members gain a better understanding of the travel trends (& forecast) at a global and regional level, with a zoom-in on the UK and Scotland. Delivered by Gordon Clark from ForwardKeys, it enabled members to understand how these insights can help them reach these travellers via a more targeted and profitable marketing solution.