ASVA Members Area

Resilience and Leadership

Run By ASVA/ Tickety Boo Training

Broadcast On 13/10/2022

Never of more importance to both individuals and organisations, our partner webinar, delivered by Tickety Boo Training, looked at the crucial topics of resilience and leadership.

Making and enabling change takes resilience, and change is at the heart of any leadership, whatever walk of life. Resilience is therefore relevant to anyone and everyone who leads. Fundamental to facilitating change, resilience is a measure of how much change you can adapt to successfully. If you are leading change, your colleagues will be relying on you, to both adapt personally and to understand the challenges that they are facing to allow you to assist them in building their resilience to deal with the challenges ahead.

This webinar shared tools and techniques enabling members to build their own level of resilience, vital in both your business and personal life. We covered:

  • What Resilience is and what it is not.
  • Understanding why building our resilience is essential to a healthy and balanced life.
  • Reviewed some simple tools and techniques to adopt to build your own levels of resilience in a healthy and sustainable way.
  • If you are a leader, we shared some tools to share with your team and highlight how these techniques, tools and understanding will be developed more during further Leadership and Resilience training for ASVA members in 2023.

Tickety Boo Training are one of Scotland’s leading training, coaching and professional development organisations. As specialists in organisational development, they’ve been supporting clients to ‘Explore, Soar and Grow’ through the delivery of high-quality training & coaching interventions since 1998.

The webinar was led by Annie Lindsay, Director of Learning and Development with Tickety Boo Training. An accredited coach with over 30 years coaching experience, Annie is a full member of the Association for Coaching and a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Highly experienced in her field, Annie is also an NLP Master Practioner.