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Train, Retain, Gain - Boosting Business with Effective Staff Learning

Run By ASVA/Tayl

Broadcast On 01/05/2024

This ASVA Industry Insights webinar was hosted in partnership with Tayl, the staff training system renowned across the UK for its comprehensive compliance courses, cutting-edge AI course building tools, and efficient onboarding systems.

It explored best practices on time efficient training processes, compliance courses, the power of bespoke content and cutting-edge training trends.

Blair Lundie from Tayl was joined by Majestic Line and Blair Drummond Safari Park, who showcased their real-world training successes and lessons within the Scottish tourism industry.

This session shared insights into how digital training solutions can supercharge your team’s capability and confidence resulting in safer, more knowledgeable staff and improved visitor experience.

About Tayl: Tayl equips attractions, tour operators and hospitality businesses with the tools they need to create, source and deliver exceptional inhouse, compliance and essential training. They offer 100+ premade courses on subjects such as GDPR and Fire Safety; a simple to use course builder to create interactive bespoke modules; and the ability to see and report on completed, due and overdue tasks.

The webinar was hosted by Blair Lundie, who is the Engagement Manager at Tayl. Blair has experience working with visitor attractions to ensure they manage training effectively, get the most out of their people and deliver exceptional experiences.