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Unite and Inspire Your Team (from a distance)

Run By ASVA/ StudioLR

Broadcast On 09/06/2020

Between working from home, the stress of short-term change, and a worrying amount of long-term uncertainty, it’s natural for teams to feel disconnected. It might seem like a big ask to expect your team to be thinking about your values or your personality right now.

But your attraction’s success relies on your people rallying together – in a clear, unified direction. If you lose your personality, you lose your stand-out. So how do you strike the balance?

The truth is, brand-building has always happened under these conditions. Organisations tend to invest in a rebrand when they want to reposition – and repositioning often involves uncertainty, operational changes, and a general feeling of ‘How do I fit in?’ among staff.

StudioLR don’t have a magic solution but they do have years of brand-building experience, and will be sharing their 7 Top Tips. These practical pointers are things they’ve learnt over the years through their own successes and failures. Put them into action and they’ll help your people feel connected to each other, and to your organisation – and inspired to succeed together.

First Broadcast on 9.6.20