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Why and How to Position your Attraction as an Experience

Run By ASVA/ Navigate

Broadcast On 27/09/2022

Experience marketing is not a new concept, and in fact Joe Pine launched the first version of the book, The Experience Economy, over 22 years ago.

However, the experience culture has really exploded since 2020.  The pandemic forced a new perspective on what was really important and providing authentic and engaging experiences is going to be even more important for attractions over the coming years. The world has changed and visitors’ expectations have changed.  Visitors no longer want passive visits, they want to have shared experiences with their family, friends and loved ones.

The experience economy is expected to be worth $12 billion by 2023 and with 78% of millennials choosing to spend money on an experience, it’s clear the value of experiences has taken precedence.

ASVA trade members Navigate (formerly Digital Visitor) have worked with many organisations within the industry helping to reposition and communicate to the right audiences in the best way. For this exclusive ASVA members event, Navigate demonstrated the reasons why you need to consider positioning your attraction as an experience. They explored the methods behind ‘Experiential Marketing’, and helped members understand how they can create a framework to achieve this for their own business, engaging audiences through emotional and sensory USPs.

About Navigate: Founded in 2005, Navigate are experts in the world of strategic communications for organisations right across the leisure and tourism industry.  They have worked with many destinations, travel companies, visitor attractions and experience providers to shape their marketing and help attract more visitors.

The webinar was led by Anthony Rawlins, Founder and CEO of Navigate. Anthony has over 15 years experience in crafting successful marketing strategies for the travel and tourism sector, working with leading organisations from every part of the industry including airlines, global hotel chains, destinations and attractions. Through his scientific background, data interpretation expertise and creative approach, he has a proven track record for accurately predicting future trends. Combined with extensive industry knowledge and a pragmatic and commercial mindset, Anthony has been able to effectively translate these trends into actionable strategies and tactics for Navigate’s clients.

Anthony and the Navigate team were delighted to be working with ASVA to share insights and expertise with members as to how they can navigate their own path to promoting their attraction as an experience.