Further Business Support to Aid Re-Opening

As part her announcement on 16th March, the First Minister confirmed that the last four-weekly Strategic Framework Business Fund (SFBF) Temporary Closures Grant payment of up to £3,000 will be paid on Monday 22 March.

After this, one off re-start grants of up to £19,500 for hospitality and leisure businesses will be paid in April to help businesses re-open progressively. These one-off re-start grants will replace ongoing SFBF payments and will provide more money up front to help with the costs of re-opening. Please note, eligible businesses must have applied to the SFBF by 22 March in order to receive these payments.

Any business that is currently receiving the ongoing SFBF payments will be eligible for the one-off restart grant. As it stands visitor attractions are eligible for SFBF Temporary Closures payments, so we assume that attractions will therefore be eligible for the one-off re-start grant. We are, however, seeking assurances on this from the Scottish Government.

More information about this support for businesses can be found here.