Collections & Digital Projects Support Officer

Organisation: The Trimontium Museum

Salary: £25,000 pa

Location: Melrose, Scottish Borders

The Trimontium Trust is currently undertaking several projects that use collections and digital content. One of these projects is “The Digital Romans” through which a digital archive and catalogue of the Trimontium Collection is being created. This digital archive will be used for educational and accessibility purposes in diverse ways: a) it will serve as a foundation towards the creation of digital experiences geared towards the general public such as digital exhibits and social media educational posts; b) it will serve as a foundation for the creation of educational resources tailored for people with profound learning difficulties who experience extra challenges in accessing and engaging with heritage; c) the project also works with a vibrant community of volunteers, who help with cataloging, archival and social media.
The project works closely with Upmo – an Edinburgh based organization working with people with learning disabilities – for the development and co-creation of the digital educational resources. The next phases of the project, to be delivered in the next year, include the co-creation, implementation and testing of the learning resources and final evaluation.
In addition to this project, Trimontium is developing the HALO lab which will be equipped with state-of-the-art computers and 3D laser printer technology and will be used in conjunction with heritage and archaeo-tourism visits to Roman and Iron Age sites across the South of Scotland, guided and facilitated by the Trust.
Trimontium has a solid presence on Social Media channels, which we look to enhance and enrich in the next year with educational and engaging content creation.
The Trust is now looking for a Collections and Digital Projects Support Officer to work with our HALO Resources Officer, HALO Manager and Volunteer and Museum Coordinator, to support the development of these projects.

Reporting to the Heritage Environment Resources Officer, the Collections and Digital Projects Support officer will aid in the successful development of “The Digital Romans” project. This involves supporting the digitisation and cataloguing program, and other digital activities such as the creation of digital learning resources, support the creation of digital exhibits, the organization of image databases and the creation of social media packages. The Collections and Digital Projects Support Officer will be expected to support collections and archaeology activities and be able to engage and work with a variety of volunteers and project participants in an inclusive and supportive manner.

Application Deadline: Tuesday 24/10/2023