Events Productions Manager

Organisation: Conifox Adventure Park

Salary: £35,000 to £45,000

Location: Kirklison, Edinburgh

Role Purpose: The creation, production, management, and delivery of fun and innovative family event experiences.

Role Summary:
Conifox is a family-run innovative play, food, and events business with over 250,000 visitors a year, offering fun-filled experiences just outside of Edinburgh. We are looking for a creative forward thinking, imaginative individual that has experience in the creation and delivery of immersive family focused events (our main events being Easter, Fox Fest, Halloween, and Christmas with additional smaller events throughout the year) across the business.
The role will involve the planning and delivery of all creative family focussed events ensuring effective financial planning and staff management to ensure events are delivered on time, safely within budget and meets customers expectations.
You’ll perform a vital role on the front line of our exciting family friendly business, ensuring that our visitors have an enjoyable, positive, and safe experience whilst enjoying our events and spending quality time with family and friends.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Be the artistic lead in the creation and design of themed events which deliver an immersive experience for the whole family.
• To lead the events team in the operations including creativity, design, planning, build, health and safety, ticketing, admissions, and daily operation of all events.
• Effectively manage the Events Team to ensure their skills are utilised and staff costs are controlled.
• To be responsible for financial planning and management of events ensuring the event is delivered within budget.
• Producing and delivering an event strategy and plans that align with the Conifox brand and incorporates our range of venue options and diverse client base.
• Working with Marketing to launch a range of events across the estate, prioritising seasonal live events such as Easter, Fox Fest, Halloween, and Christmas, as well as individual parties, and corporate functions.
• Working effectively with stakeholders to build strong, effective, and mutually beneficial relationships.
• Develop standard operating procedures to improve efficiency and safety across our Event function, contributing towards achieving key performance indicators.
• Produce insightful management information to drive growth in the events space.
• Ensuring all staff, contractor and suppliers follow correct protocols and conduct in line with our company policies and procedures.

Qualifications, Skill, and Experience:
• Previous experience in delivering immersive outdoor and indoor family focused events.
• Previous experience in organising large scale live events and festival themed events.
• Extensive event management experience.
• To liaise with and support freelance actors throughout the event.
• Proven track record at delivering an event from inception to delivery.
• Strong leadership and line management experience.
• Ability to lead a team and make effective decisions while under pressure is key.
• Experience in financial planning and proven track record in delivering events within budget.
• Strong project management skills.
• Experience adhering to Health and Safety guidelines and producing relevant risk assessments to the events being delivered.
• Ability to work calmly and accurately in a fast-paced environment.

• Experience of working within a visitor attraction.
• Previous experience in overseeing secondary spend event outlet provision.
• A Scottish Personal Licence.
• Experience and knowledge of technical requirements and power distribution for events.
• Previous experience in online ticketing systems and POS systems.

For further information contact: Mark Harrison –