Farm and Livestock Manager

Organisation: Almond Valley Heritage Centre

Salary: £28,000 - £30,000 Depending on Experience

Location: Livingston

Almond Valley Heritage Trust is charity committed to popular engagement in heritage and learning. Over 130,000 children and families enjoy a great day out at Almond Valley each year where, in addition to our museum and historic buildings, they enjoy play areas, green spaces, rides, and a seasonal programme of events. It is however the chance to meet and interact with our animals that many find the most appealing and memorable part of their visit.

We are an RBST approved farm park, and in addition to our rare breeds keep a range of other animals that help illustrate themes, inform, and engage the interest of our visitors.

The Farm and Livestock Manager (usually abbreviated to Farm Manager) is responsible to the Director for maintaining and developing all aspects of the animal-based attraction, and for leading the farm team of animal keepers.

The key responsibilities of this important post are:

To maintain the highest standards of animal health and welfare.
To plan and implement appropriate breeding and animal husbandry programmes,
recognising both conservation considerations, and the contribution of animals to the
visitor experience
To maintain appropriate records, and ensure compliance with all relevant
regulations, standards, and accreditation schemes, including the NFAN Code of
To maintain effective hygiene and biosecurity measures to safeguard the health of
visitors and staff, and in all activities, to ensure a safe environment in which risks
are effectively managed.
To contribute to the planning, and to manage the delivery, of demonstrations,
experiences, and other engagement between visitors, animals, and the processes
of the farm.
To contribute to enjoyment and learning through signage and other interpretation; to manage the delivery of schools activities; and to contribute to learning and
engagement through social media.
To lead, inspire and manage the team of farm staff and volunteers.
To manage pastures and other farm infrastructure.

General responsibilities include:

To ensure the most effective use of resources, such as in the procurement of
materials and in the allocation of staff, in accordance with budgets.
To be a fair and effective manager, supporting your staff, and considering their
ongoing personal development.
To consider the needs and interests of our visitors, and ensure all receive great
customer service.
To develop and implement operating procedures and systems of record keeping,
and ensure compliance with them.
To productively cooperate, coordinate and exchange ideas with other members of
the Almond Valley team.
To serve, by rota, as weekend Responsible Officer; in charge of full-site visitor
As a member of the management team, to contribute towards the broader profile,
operation, and development of Almond Valley.

Qualifications and Skills required:

Substantial relevant and practical experience of animal husbandry in a farm park or
zoo environment, including competence in the handling and care of large livestock.
A relevant qualification at degree level would be desirable.
Experience, in a leadership role, of managing and developing teams.
Excellent organisational abilities, and familiarity with the regulations and record-
keeping associated with the management of an animal-based attraction.
Good problem-solving skills, remaining calm under pressure and finding creative
Good communication skills, both in spoken and written communication, with broad
experience in the use of digital media.

Specific requirements of the Post

A 40 hour week is worked, five days in seven, which will include some weekend
working. Flexibility in working hours is an essential part of the job; for example, to
attend to animal emergencies or other out-of-hours livestock needs.

The role may be physically demanding, and there will be need to work outdoors in
all weathers

Good animal husbandry will require difficult decisions over the disposal of livestock,
which will need to be approached pragmatically, professionally and dispassionately.

Application Deadline: Sunday 27/08/2023