Head of Organisational Development

Organisation: The National Trust for Scotland

Salary: £58,847 - £65,385 pro-rata, per annum

Location: Hermiston Quay

Who we are
We’re a forward-looking People Department that supports our organisation’s Strategy through support for our volunteers (2300) and employees (800) – whether as individuals or as managers. Our organization can seem complex since its workforce is deployed all across mainland- and island-Scotland, in all sorts of workplaces (from cottages to castles, mansions to mountains, gardens to great estates, tearooms, shops, offices – and everything in between), but our work aims to be fair and consistent no matter where and who our people are. We strive to make people processes simple and accessible so that our people can just “get on with the job”, but robust enough to give meaningful management information to help with strategic and tactical development and decision-making. Although the team is dispersed across the country, we enjoy connecting with each other for our work and for social activity: we take our work very seriously, but we like to have fun too.

What this job is about
This job exists in order to lead the Trust’s approaches to organisational design and organisational development, to build NTS long-term capability. It leads, develops and manages a team focused on driving long-term improvements in NTS business and people performance through a range of development and support initiatives and activities.

What we want you to be responsible and accountable for
• Developing and delivering a people-orientated and business-focused Organisational Design and Development strategies and services, balancing best practice within commercial constraints to add value, manage risk and help shape the business.
• Working as part of the People Leadership Team in setting direction, developing business strategy, leading and managing progress towards goals and targets, and building and sustaining staff engagement and performance.
• Leading and managing the People:OD (POD) team in diagnosing the key issues that are affecting NTS business and people performance, and in designing, developing, implementing and evaluating integrated programmes to address the issues identified.
• Leading the POD team to design, plan and enable the delivery of our People Value Proposition, to ensure we can attract and keep the right capability in our organisation.
• Leading and managing the POD team to improve NTS leadership capability and performance, with a particular focus on whole systems thinking, collaborative leadership, and effective change leadership.
• Ensuring that strategic NTS approaches to leadership & development, talent management and workforce planning are coherent and focused on meeting short and long-term business needs.
• Working with the Executive Committee and other senior leaders across the Trust to define and develop organisational development approaches in line with wider NTS strategic approach.
• Leading the POD team in building effective Change and Organisational Design approaches, and support senior managers through change.
• Leading our approach to the use of strategic People data; leading Strategic Workforce Planning initiatives and the workforce effectiveness survey to provide insight and action plans across the Trust.
• Working across the sector to champion and develop industry-wide skills programmes in traditional conservation and innovation
The current duties of the role do not require a criminal records check or membership of the PVG scheme through Disclosure Scotland.

Application Deadline: Friday 27/05/2022