Kitchen Porter

Organisation: The National Trust for Scotland

Salary: £24,960 per annum

Location: Mackintosh at the Willow (Glasgow)


A kitchen porter is responsible for basic food preparation, kitchen cleanliness, and ensuring the area remains organised. A kitchen porter’s duties include:

Cleaning and sanitising all areas used for meal preparation, along with ovens, grills, sinks, and stoves.

Unloading food and equipment deliveries & ensuring they are stored in the right areas.

Continually making sure that work surfaces, floors, and walls are clean and sanitised.

Taking out the rubbish and putting in correct bins

Washing cutlery, utensils, and cookware so the kitchen staff has constant access.

Helping the chef with food preparation such as peeling, washing, and cutting meal ingredients.

Keeping freezers, fridges, and storage areas clean and organised.

Taking on ad-hoc duties when deemed appropriate to the position,

Carrying out basic cleaning tasks as quickly and safely as possible.

Collecting and washing up pots and pans.

Cleaning crockery & cutlery and ensuring food preparation sites are clean and ready.

Unloading equipment and food from deliveries.

Ensuring the storerooms/areas remains organised.

Making sure work surfaces, floors and walls are always clean and sanitised.

Some basic food preparation may be required

Adhering at all times to health and safety requirements

Work as part of a team

Application Deadline: Sunday 07/07/2024