Museum Assistant

Organisation: Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum

Salary: !2 per hour

Location: Stirling

POST Museum Assistant (Supply)

GRADE Zero hours contract £12 per hour

HOURS Shifts are allocated Wednesday to Sundays between 10am and 5pm. (Normally a 4-hour shift) Evening shifts will be allocated between 5pm – 10pm. (Normally 3-hour shift)

QUALIFICATIONS & Good general education with experience of public service.
REQUIREMENTS Two references required.

SKILLS REQUIRED Demonstrated ability to communicate with the public.
Demonstrated ability to take responsibility.
Fit and able to assist with the carrying and shifting of equipment.

MAIN AREAS OF WORK Security of public places.
Reception/shop duties when required.
Cleaning, maintenance and exhibition preparation.
Servicing the needs of groups who hire the theatre.
Invigilating in Galleries and Museum

The Stirling Smith is a small museum and art gallery serving Stirling and Central Scotland. We aim to give all visitors and users of the building a pleasurable and satisfactory experience. As the organisation is small, the staff are expected to be flexible, and to undertake a variety of duties. The main duties of the Museum Assistant are to ensure security for exhibitions and public spaces when the Smith Art Gallery and Museum is open to the public, to carry out Reception/Shop duties and facilitate events as and when required, and to assist with cleaning and maintenance of the building.

1 Security of Public Places
1.1 To follow agreed building opening procedures, and see that private sections are protected.
1.2 To supervise the Smith during times when public are admitted.
1.3 To follow agreed closing procedures for the Smith building.
1.4 To be solely responsible for security and safety of the Smith on Saturdays and Sundays.

2 Reception/Shop and other Public Duties
2.1 To staff reception/shop as required, including use of tills.
2.2 The primary duty of a Museum Assistant is the safety and security of exhibitions and public spaces, and to ensure that visitors have a good experience.
In addition, Museum Assistants are expected to assist the public in a courteous manner to ensure their visit to the Smith is to their satisfaction.
Museum Assistants often provide the only personal contact between the Smith and the public. It is important therefore for all staff to be neat and tidy in appearance and appreciate that they are always representing the Smith to the public.
2.3 To answer any questions from the public on the exhibitions/displays and guide where necessary.
2.4 Museum Assistants will be required to be available for evening duty.

3 Cleaning, Maintenance and Exhibitions Preparation
3.1 To clean and dust all display cases.
3.2 To update noticeboard and outside display cases.
3.3 To ensure the grounds are tidy and free from weeds and litter.
3.4 To assist Cleaner with cleaning as required.
3.5 To repaint display areas and boards in preparation for exhibitions.
3.6 To assist with unloading, loading and preparation of both temporary and permanent exhibitions.
3.7 To see that the toilets are tidy, and have supplies of soap, towels and paper throughout the day and during and after events.

4 Servicing the needs of evening groups
4.1 To open – up the building in preparation.
4.2 Lay out crockery/glasses/tables/projectors/stands.
4.3 Adjust seating where necessary.
4.4 Maintain security of the building during group use.
4.5 Clear and tidy after the visit, making sure the building is secure.
4.6 Locking up and setting alarm system afterwards.


Application Deadline: Monday 15/07/2024