Pier Manager

Organisation: The National Trust for Scotland

Salary: £23,595 - £24,913 pro-rata, per annum

Location: Isle of Canna


Based on the island of Canna the Pier Manager role will be to manage the operation and maintenance of Canna Harbour and its environs in line with the Trust’s operational, compliance and statutory obligations and the requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code.

The Isle of Canna is one of a group of islands known as the Small Isles situated 19 miles off the coast of the nearest mainland port of Mallaig, Western Scotland. Canna Harbour is the only port owned and managed within the Trust portfolio and therefore there is a significant responsibility and accountability for the Trust to ensure the harbour is managed safely and efficiently.

Canna Harbour operates all year providing a vital link for the island community with the mainland. There is a regular ferry service provided by Caledonian MacBrayne which operates 6 times per week between March and October and 3 times per week in the winter months. In addition to the ferry service there are increasing numbers of other commercial and leisure vessels utilising the harbour facilities such as cruise ships, private yachts, RIBS and fishing vessels. The latest operational figures recorded show 13 international cruise ships (1063 passengers), 26 sailing boats (613 passengers), 69 small cruise ships (315 passengers) and tour operator RIBS of approximately 5000 passengers. Further marine traffic is evident from high season yacht moorings (up to 30 boats per night) and frequent fishing vessel berths (c. 50). Although commercial activity is a lesser part of the harbour operation it does however support the delivery of vital island life-line commodities such a food, utilities, equipment and island and contractor vehicles.

This role is the key contact for all types of visitors to the island and the local community and is pivotal to the smooth operation of Canna Harbour. The successful candidate will be required to demonstrate flexibility in decision-making in the harbour operation particularly in relation to weather conditions. This role is critical to the Trust both in terms of operational and reputational commitment. The Harbour Master is based at Inverness, with day- to- day harbour master powers devolved to the Canna Pier Manager. In addition to the NTS Operations Manager, the Pier Manager will be supported remotely by the Harbour Master who is experienced in Ports and Harbours Legislation holding several years of experience as Harbour Master in large Ports. The Operations Manager and Harbour Master visit Canna on a regular basis throughout the year.

Application Deadline: Sunday 03/03/2024