Travelling Gallery Curator

Organisation: Museums and Galleries Edinburgh

Salary: £36,312 - £42,717

Location: City Art Centre, Edinburgh

Temporary Post – until 14/04/2025

A leadership role to manage the Travelling Gallery, including the exhibition programme and the overall strategic direction of the organisation, securing core funding and clearly communicating future planning, aims and objectives, and financial budgets with all stakeholders. A key part of the maternity cover will be to travel with Travelling Gallery to locations across Scotland and present exhibition to a wide range of groups, including Primary and Secondary pupils, College students and local clubs.

Knowledge and Skills

• Strong knowledge of contemporary art and the Scottish visual arts sector.

• The ability to explain complex issues inherent in contemporary art to a very broad audience.

• Strong and accessible writing skills needed to put together both original exhibition texts and business / fundraising reports.

• Project and budget management skills.

• Strong communication skills needed to work within a small team which is often, due to travel, not all in the one place.

• Ability to build effective relationships and communicate with partners, key stakeholders and funders.

• Ability to work independently and make key decisions relating to the overall strategic and operational direction of Travelling Gallery.

• Confident driver and navigator with a valid driving license and the ability to travel independently.


• Organise and facilitate the exhibition programme for Travelling Gallery which consists of three exhibitions a year.

• Work with technicians to safely install and de-install each exhibition and ensure the physical care and documentation of artwork.

• Write accessible exhibition texts to accompany the touring programme.

• Manage exhibition and loans contracts, adhering to the procedures for insurance, transportation, artist agreements, condition reports, environmental conditions.

• Work closely with exhibiting artists to develop the exhibition programme and ensure clear communication and fair work conditions throughout the exhibition process.


• Effective monitoring and reporting of Travelling Gallery’s performance, finance and overall delivery to key stakeholders.

• Identify and submit grant applications and fundraising / sponsorship opportunities to support Travelling Gallery’s core costs, exhibition and learning programmes.

• Manage the development of Travelling Gallery’s policies and action plans including Equalities and Environment.

Visitor engagement and travel with the gallery

• Give confident and engaging exhibition talks to a wide range of audiences including primary and secondary pupils, college students, and adult learning groups.

• Welcome and engage visitors into the Travelling Gallery providing knowledgeable information about the exhibitions.

• Driving of the hire car safely to locations across Scotland to accompany Travelling Gallery on tour including occasional overnight stays.

• Act as a safe banksman for the Travelling Gallery Driver when arriving and leaving a venue.

Operational and tour planning

• Work with the TG team to manage Travelling Gallery’s touring itinerary and national partnerships.

• Manage Travelling Gallery’s maintenance including annual servicing and unexpected repairs.