Latest ALVA Visitor Sentiment Research published

Our colleagues at the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA) have shared with ASVA the findings of their most recent research into visitor sentiment across the UK. Commissioned by ALVA and undertaken by Decision House, this latest research was carried out over the first full week of June and examines the current barriers preventing the UK public from visiting attractions and the prospects for visitor admissions during the summer period.

Some of the key take outs of the research include:

  • The attractions sector is set for improved domestic visitor admissions in 2022, with over a third of attraction audiences claiming that they will visit more often than in 2021 compared with less than 15% who feel that they will visit less often.
  • There is a prevailing sense of happiness and relief among the public to return to ‘normality’ following the pandemic. However, lingering concerns relating to avoiding crowds and a feeling that the covid virus is still circulating are continuing to hold some audiences back from visiting, particularly those aged 55 or over.
  • The rising cost of living has emerged as a significant barrier to visiting attractions this summer/autumn.  40% of the public feel worse off than last year and this large group is much more likely than the rest of the public to say that they will visit attractions less often this year.
  • As a result of the cost-of-living crisis, free attractions are set to benefit at the expense of paid attractions, with half of this financially squeezed group feeling that they will visit free attractions more often and paid attractions less often this summer autumn.
  • Whilst a proportion of attraction members will squeeze as much value as possible out of their membership subscriptions this year, this is likely be tempered by lower renewal and acquisition rates among those feeling worse off.
  • The return of longer overseas holidays is also likely to limit opportunities for visiting UK attractions this summer and autumn, with domestic short breaks being the trips most likely to be sacrificed – 35% of the public have either taken or intend to take an overseas holiday of 5+ nights in 2022, compared with just 18% in 2021 

As always, we are grateful to ALVA for providing these findings free to ASVA members. You can access the full report at this link.