Please take part in new Tourism Financial Impact Survey

The Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA) and its UK counterparts are asking colleagues across Scotland’s tourism industry to part in a national survey to help the STA and the Scottish Tourism Emergency Response Group (STERG) share evidence from Scotland with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

The primary purpose of the UK-wide survey is to build robust evidence on the impacts that the Omicron variant is having on businesses in all sectors of the tourism and hospitality industry across the UK. The findings will also inform STERG on how it can best respond to and offer better support to businesses.

By taking part in the survey, you will be providing vital information which can be presented to UK Government and Scottish Government Ministers to ensure they have a good understanding of the live issues impacting the industry and, importantly, the severity of the financial position facing tourism and hospitality businesses nationwide. Most importantly it will help the collective case to be made for urgent Government intervention.

STA Chief Executive Marc Crothall said: “Working together with STERG, and our industry colleagues on the UK Tourism Industry Council and at DCMS, we will use the information to make the case for policy solutions and interventions from the UK and devolved Governments to mitigate the financial pressures which tourism and hospitality businesses across the UK are experiencing. We appreciate this is a busy time for you, so are very grateful for you taking the time to complete this survey which should only take 5 minutes.”

As it is industry wide, ASVA is aware that some of the questions contained within may not be best tailored for our sector. However, we would request that, despite this, members please take the time to complete the survey. ASVA will not be conducting our own separate survey, as we recognise that it is more impactful and effective if every business in Scottish tourism completes one single piece of research.  

All information provided by participants will remain completely anonymous and you can complete the survey, which closes on 10 January, here.