Recruitment Support with Xpressjobs

Recognising the continued acute recruitment challenges being experienced in the attractions sector in Scotland, the Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions (ASVA) and Xpressjobs have committed, for a second year, to partner together to provide exclusive recruitment support services for ASVA members.

As a result of the partnership, a wide range of support tools are available to ASVA members, completely free of charge. The services include:

  • Unlimited jobs posting (28 day job posting) on – one single job posting would usually cost £75.00, so this benefit alone represents exceptional value for members
  • A candidate database mailer featuring all ASVA job listings, which will be sent weekly to a database of 55k+ jobseekers
  • Xpressjobs will promote and cover on all social media platforms, ASVA job (s) of the month, with the view to helping support these job opportunities within the highly competitive marketplace
  • Promoting any good news stories for any members and/or promote members’ job events on ‘Events Section’ of Xpressjobs
  • A recruitment consultation (Up to 2hrs) with the Xpress team of experts who can provide ASVA members with advice on recruitment within their organisations, including in the following areas – Job Adverts Training / Attraction-Employee Brand / Process / Salary Benchmarking / Recruitment Strategy
  • Reduced Recruitment Fee’s through Xpress Recruitment for all ASVA Members –

On top of this, ASVA members will be able to take advantage of Xpress Recruitment’s latest product – Jobvibe – the first video driven Job Board.

JobVibe is designed for forward-thinking companies seeking to make a splash in the talent market. Its seamless integrations with job platforms and social media channels amplify your reach,  bolstering your existing strategy to attract top talent with ease and impact.

The product enables you to:

  • Engage with Talent through Video
  • Integrate with Social Media
  • Integrate with existing Job Platforms
  • Hire offline more effectively

What is the benefit of a video driven job board?

  • 75% – Of Job seekers say a video would make them more likely to apply for a job.
  • 34% – Higher application rate with video than those without.
  • 49% – Organisations using with video saw a 49% improvement in candidate quality.

How do I take advantage of all these benefits?

There is no additional cost to ASVA members who want to take advantage of the services being offered through this partnership between ASVA and Xpressjobs and utilising the services could not be simpler:

  • To benefit from the unlimited job postings, simply post your vacancies on the ASVA Jobs Portal through the Members Area of the ASVA website. Once a job is posted on the ASVA website, it will automatically be added to the Xpressjobs site
  • To guarantee your job is highlighted as a job of the month on Xpressjobs social media platforms, please choose the ’Feature this Job Listing’ option when listing on the ASVA website (please note, there is an additional charge to ASVA for this specific service).  Your job may still be featured as a job of the month without this, but featuring your job on the ASVA website is the only way to guarantee it.
  • To promote any news or events relating to jobs/working at your organisation, to find out more and to utilise JobVibe, and/or to request a consultation to receive completely free advice and guidance relating content for job ads, salary benchmarks, recruitment strategy etc, please get in contact with contact Ivan Mackenzie at  or 0131 440 1960 and he will be delighted to assist.