Results of ASVA Survey into Operational Intentions

Members will recall that, in early December, we reached out to you to ask you to complete our latest survey. The survey was designed to establish attraction members’ operational plans and intentions for 2022, including covid measures, pricing policies, opening hours, wage levels and investment priorities.

The results of the survey are now in and are summarised in this report.

We hope that members find the report useful as you make your decisions about priorities and plans for the year ahead. One note of caution, of course, is that the survey was undertaken in the first week of December, so before the impact of the Omicron variant was being truly felt across the sector. We would therefore recommend that some results, such as the level of optimism about business performance in 2022, be read through a cautious lens.

One point we are very keen to emphasise from the survey results, and that we will certainly be emphasising strongly in our ongoing dialogue with the Scottish Government, is that that 100% of survey respondents detailed that they would be operating with some form of COVID-19 mitigating measures in 2022, even if these measures are not mandated in law.

This backs up what has been consistently demonstrated by the attractions sector over the last 20 months, that ours is clearly a sector that places the safety of visitors and staff above all else and we must be commended for the actions we have taken, and continue to take, to curb the spread of COVID-19 whilst still offering our visitors a high quality and hugely enjoyable experience.