Scottish Government announces additional funding for businesses affected by latest Omicron measures

As part of the First Minister’s statement about additional restrictions, there was an acknowledgement that the decisions made by the Scottish Government and the ongoing advice that is currently being given to the public, will have significant financial implications for many businesses.  

Members will recall from yesterday’s update that £100m has already been allocated to support affected businesses and, today, the First Minister confirmed that an additional £275m will be made available between now and the next financial year to further support those sectors most impacted.

At today’s STERG meeting, it was confirmed that emergency funding will be made available to visitor attractions that are currently feeling the impact of Omicron measures, i.e. visitor attractions that have been open from 8th December. This funding will come from the original £100m allocated by the Scottish Government last week. ASVA has been advised that details of this funding support should be forthcoming early in the Near Year.

How the additional £275m on top of the emergency funding will be allocated has yet to be decided, but members can be assured that ASVA will continue to provide the Scottish Government with strong evidence to demonstrate that ours is a sector which continues to be heavily impacted by the effects of COVID-19. We would like to thank all the members who have provided us with sensitive financial information over the last few days. The information provided has greatly helped ASVA make a strong case for additional support for our sector.

As it stands, the only details of the £100m emergency support available thus far is in relation to the December & annuary Business Top Up for those in the Hospitality Sector, which can be found here.

ASVA will be advising VisitScotland and the Scottish Government over the Christmas period regarding the creation of the emergency fund for Scottish Visitor Attractions. As soon as we have more details, we will share with members.