Strategic Framework to set out sustainable approach to managing COVID

In her regular COVID update to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday (8 February), The First Minister confirmed that baseline protective precautions – such as COVID certification and the requirement to wear face coverings in certain settings – will remain in force for now. Ms Sturgeon also asked employers planning arrangements for hybrid working to consider the needs of people who are at highest risk.

During her briefing, Ms Sturgeon also confirmed that the updated Strategic Framework, which sets out the Scottish Government’s overall approach to the COVID-19 response in Scotland, is due to be published on 22 February. The revised version will specify the Government’s approach to managing COVID more sustainably and less restrictively in the remaining phases of the pandemic.

As we’ve highlighted in a previous E-Update, ASVA has provided input from our sector into the review undertaken to update the Strategic Framework. Our submission emphasised that attractions cannot sustain the start-stop nature of the Scottish Government’s earlier approach, and we need to see a change in policy and messaging if we are really to start ‘living with the virus’ going forward. We also made it clear that the attractions sector has consistently demonstrated that it places visitor and staff safety above all other considerations, and does not need to be mandated to maintain this as a priority.

To read the First Minister’s full statement to the Scottish Parliament yesterday, please click here.